Art Reproduction

We have been copying and reproducing art for over 40 years and since 1996 have been at the forefront of digital reproduction. Our main 396 megapixel camera uses specially imported lenses and can produce single images of up to 2 gigabytes in size. For copying artworks we use the the highest quality combination of specialised lenses, digital backs and cameras to copy works up to 300 x 500cm. When needed we use customised stitching technology and multiple captures to produce “uninterpolated” files in excess of 10 gigabytes. This achieves highly detailed wall size enlargements of even small paintings.

We can copy artworks of all sizes, we also do digital restoration – often in collaboration with Australia’s leading art restorers.

We use a variety of lighting techniques to produce the best interpretation of an artwork. Our standard lighting uses 1 metre sized polarising filters over our light sources with a crossed polarising filter on the camera. This is varied to whatever extent is required to help achieve accurate reproductions and minimise light reflections – particularly for the reproduction of oil paintings. Heavily textured works, works with foils or metallic elements may often require variations or combinations of copying techniques to accurately represent the work, this is something we specialise in.

Apart from the quality of our scanning and printing, many artists particulaly enjoy that the fact that we can copy the artwork, prepare the file and print it in the one premises. With prior arrangement this service can take place whilst you wait if required. (We make good coffee). We have a wide range of paper and canvas stocks. We copy paintings of all sizes, editioned prints can be smaller or larger than the original work (our largest archival stocks are 1620mm rolls).

We produce limited edition prints for many artists. Depending upon which materials an artist has worked with, our prints are often more stable than their originals. Some artists often only sell our prints and not their original works.

We can manage your prints, hand deckle edges, ship, emboss etc as per your requirements.

  • Price List for Copying of Artworks (See Print Price List for Print costs)

    • For copies for web use only, charges range from a minimum of $30 per image to $60 per image depending upon size, type and number of artworks. “Web” files are small files optimised for screen viewing.
    • Nowadays it is often possible to do high quality reproductions at sizes larger than the original. When larger than original size reproductions are required the price is based on the new size required rather than the size of the original artwork.

    May 18 Copying of artwork price list

    Files supplied as 16 bit RGB files – Standard colourspace is either ProPhoto RGB or Adobe RGB.

  • Limited Edition Prints

    Small or large edition sizes on a choice of beautiful Art Papers. Limited edition prints may also be smaller or larger than the original artwork size.
    Twighlight Rosmerrin © Rachel NewlingTwighlight Rosmerrin © Rachel Newling

  • Art Reproductions - Auction Catalogues

    We copy art of all types and sizes and prepare file for press, web or as directed. We work with many of Australia’s leading Auction Houses for individual images or full sales catalogues.


    Client: Deutshche and Hackett

    Artwork: © Bronwyn Oliver


  • Owners Copies

    There are many circumstances where a high quality reproduction may be required of an artwork. Museums and galleries may tour an original work and need a replacement print. Investors with particularly valuable works that are stored away may wish to hang a reproduction rather than the original for security reasons. Some clients want a copy of a work if they are thinking of selling it and some may simply want an extra copy for another of their homes or offices.

    Due to copyright laws, generally all of these copies above must not to be resold.

    Dadiani PalaceDadiani Palace