Film Scanning

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    “I have worked with Warren on two exhibitions – (my father) David Moore’s photographs of the construction of the Sydney Opera House and also Moore’s photography of the construction of the ANZAC Bridge. Both exhibitions were shown at Customs House Sydney.

    I was recommended to Warren but didn’t know anything about how he worked. I thought he was just going to scan some negs and do some slight retouching and then print them. I also hadn’t had much exposure to digital printing as previous images had all been printed by the traditional methods.

    What I discovered was someone who completely immerses himself in the artistic intent of each and every image. Yes he scans the image, but then he analyses it in an incredibly detailed way. He worked with me with such patience and took care to match the final printed style that had become a signature of how my father printed. He spent time discussing certain aspects of every image and produced proofs until each image was perfect.

    The final exhibition prints were superb – he really nailed it. I hope to work with Warren again as it was such a delightful process.”

    Lisa Moore – November 2014

    A feat of DaringDavid Moore

At High Res Digital when it comes to film scanning we offer the very best of old and new. For the purist we have 3 Heidelberg Drum Scanners, a Primescan 8200, 7100 and a Tango. These represent the the pinnacle of drum scanner technology, capable of amazing scans of all film types and formats including rebates etc. We also have the best scanner available new today, Hasselblads top of the line Flextight X5.

We offer 3 services, Finished Scans, Raw Scans or an in house scanner hire service for the Flextight. (Please call us on 02 8338 8833 beforehand if you would like to make a hire booking for the Flextight).

Raw scans are still done on either the Flextight X5 or the Primescan, but the spotting and final colour and density tweaks are left to you.

Finished scans will be supplied colour corrected, tonally adjusted and spotted for dust. Removal of significant scratches or damage will attract a small retouching charge.

For Flextight scans, unless requested otherwise our Finished and Raw scans are supplied as 8 Bit 300DPI files in either ProPhoto RGB or Adobe RGB (1998) colourspace. We can scan to any other colourspace of your choice and files can be supplied in 16bit for a 10% surcharge.

  • PLEASE NOTE  – The prices below are for Flextight Film Scanning – For copying of Artworks please see our section “Art Reproduction”
  • FOR DRUM SCAN PRICING see below section on Drum Scanning for price guidelines

Scanning Prices

Flextight Hire Service.

For the Flextight hire service please call us on 02 8338 8833 beforehand if you would like to make a booking. The scanner is connected to a Mac Pro with a 27″ calibrated reference monitor. Pre booking is essential – bring with you a Hard Drive / Memory Stick etc to copy your files to. Flextight Hire is $85 per hour hour or $300 per half day.

DRUM SCANS. All scans are 16 bit and are of course fluid mounted using the best and safest fluid – Lumina Optical Fluid. Given both the labour intensive aspect of perfect mounting and the time it takes for the scan (really large scans take well over an hour on the scanner!) there is a minimum charge of $80 for a finished scan and $65 for a raw scan for up to a 100MB file. From then on it’s based purely on the size of the scan. As a guide a 1 Gig 16 bit drum scan will cost $150 for a raw scan and $180 for a finished scan. Supplied in the colorspace of your choice.


(Please see our Art Reproduction Section for further information on costs etc.)

For copying artworks we use the the highest quality combination of specialised lenses, digital backs and cameras to copy works up to 300 x 500cm. We use cross polarised light sources and if needed customised stitching technology to produce copy files in excess of 10 gigabyte if required.