Testimonials - High Res Digital

Michael Reid Gallery

Warren Macris is an artisan, in fact a “Master printer” in the traditional sense of the term.

His work and specialist observations are an integral component to the post-production collaborative process- for many of the artists represented by the gallery. His knowledge, experience and attention to detail mean that only artworks of the highest quality ever leave the studio.

Michael Reid



Tamara Dean

Warren Macris is a Master printer. Never have I met someone with such patience, technical knowledge and an amazing eye for detail. Being the perfectionist he is, I entrust Warren to print all of my works to the highest level. I cannot recommend Warren highly enough.


Petrina Hicks

Warren provides outstanding service, his knowledge of fine art printing, photoshop and photography is unparalleled in the industry. It’s his experience and depth of knowledge across all these areas that results in outstanding print quality every time. Warren’s client list is testimony to his professionalism and perfectionism, it reads like a who’s who of Australia’s most notable artists. Warrens in depth knowledge of the exhibition print process and industry requirements makes working with him an absolute breeze.


Murray Fredericks

Without a doubt, Warren is a master printer and I consider him a collaborator in the process. Nothing is too much trouble, and he labours endlesslessly over each print. When Warren produces an exhibition for you, you are in good hands!


Gary Heery

The thing about Warrens is not just the great prints and the attention to detail but the wonderful creative environment. Artists coming and going, sharing ideas, having a laugh, talking about the highs and lows of the creative life. This accompanied by Warrens boundless patience makes it a place to be, a safe harbour.


Cressida Campbell

“Recently I have been working with Warren Macris, cropping and editing images of my pictures for a Card Project.
Warren has been very helpful, patient and meticulous. He has an astute eye and is able to work with an eclectic group of artists.
The quality of his printing regarding colour and paper is superb.
Most importantly he is always prepared to go the extra mile to get the best possible result.
Warren’s assistants Ben Ong and Rosie are too of the highest standard in their work.”


Stephen Dupont

Warren Macris is a perfectionist! His creative passion and spirit for printing makes him much more than a fine printer, it makes him an artist. Warren is a true gentleman and friend, I trust him with my work like I trust myself.


Greg Weight

Warren Macris knows more about photoshop than anyone I have ever worked with, more importantly he understands artists and professionals, communicates well, is generous with his knowledge and is driven to produce the highest possible results.


David Moore

Lisa Moore

I have worked with Warren on two exhibitions – (my father) David Moore’s photographs of the construction of the Sydney Opera House and also Moore’s photography of the construction of the ANZAC Bridge. Both exhibitions were shown at Customs House Sydney.

I was recommended to Warren but didn’t know anything about how he worked. I thought he was just going to scan some negs and do some slight retouching and then print them. I also hadn’t had much exposure to digital printing as previous images had all been printed by the traditional methods.

What I discovered was someone who completely immerses himself in the artistic intent of each and every image. Yes he scans the image, but then he analyses it in an incredibly detailed way. He worked with me with such patience and took care to match the final printed style that had become a signature of how my father printed. He spent time discussing certain aspects of every image and produced proofs until each image was perfect.

The final exhibition prints were superb – he really nailed it. I hope to work with Warren again as it was such a delightful process.

Merilyn Fairskye

Warren’s interest in finding creative solutions to unusual printing requests and his deep understanding of and expertise with colour allows me to freely experiment with extended possibilities of digital printing. He is a collaborator as well as a master printer.  I consult with him from pre-production to achieve the outcomes my exhibition work requires.