Exhibition Prints

We are regarded as experts in the field of digital fine art and photo printing and are trusted by Museums, Galleries, Photographers and Artists to provide the best quality printing, file optimisation and advice.

As well as our noted printing services, we also offer photography, scanning, retouching and art reproduction services.



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High Res Digital offers the combination of over 35 years of photography and photo printing experience with a deep understanding of the digital workflow – optimising images and the printing process to get the best possible results. We collaborate with artists and photographers in preparing and printing fine art prints, specialising in making artworks and prints be the best they can possibly be. On coated and uncoated medias we strive to stay at the leading edge of print quality. Our prints range from Museum Grade prints to standard Pro-Lab printing at sizes up to 162cm rolls.


Michael Reid Gallery

Warren Macris is an artisan, in fact a “Master printer” in the traditional sense of the term.

His work and specialist observations are an integral component to the post-production collaborative process- for many of the artists represented by the gallery. His knowledge, experience and attention to detail mean that only artworks of the highest quality ever leave the studio.

Michael Reid



Merilyn Fairskye

Warren’s interest in finding creative solutions to unusual printing requests and his deep understanding of and expertise with colour allows me to freely experiment with extended possibilities of digital printing. He is a collaborator as well as a master printer.  I consult with him from pre-production to achieve the outcomes my exhibition work requires.


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