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We are regarded as experts in the field of digital fine art and photo printing and are trusted by Museums, Galleries, Photographers and Artists to provide the best quality printing, file optimisation and advice.

As well as our noted printing services, we also offer photography, scanning, retouching and art reproduction services.



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High Res Digital offers the combination of over 35 years of photography and photo printing experience with a deep understanding of the digital workflow – optimising images and the printing process to get the best possible results. We collaborate with artists and photographers in preparing and printing fine art prints, specialising in making artworks and prints be the best they can possibly be. On coated and uncoated medias we strive to stay at the leading edge of print quality. Our prints range from Museum Grade prints to standard Pro-Lab printing at sizes up to 162cm rolls.


David Moore

Lisa Moore

I have worked with Warren on two exhibitions – (my father) David Moore’s photographs of the construction of the Sydney Opera House and also Moore’s photography of the construction of the ANZAC Bridge. Both exhibitions were shown at Customs House Sydney.

I was recommended to Warren but didn’t know anything about how he worked. I thought he was just going to scan some negs and do some slight retouching and then print them. I also hadn’t had much exposure to digital printing as previous images had all been printed by the traditional methods.

What I discovered was someone who completely immerses himself in the artistic intent of each and every image. Yes he scans the image, but then he analyses it in an incredibly detailed way. He worked with me with such patience and took care to match the final printed style that had become a signature of how my father printed. He spent time discussing certain aspects of every image and produced proofs until each image was perfect.

The final exhibition prints were superb – he really nailed it. I hope to work with Warren again as it was such a delightful process.

Murray Fredericks

Without a doubt, Warren is a master printer and I consider him a collaborator in the process. Nothing is too much trouble, and he labours endlesslessly over each print. When Warren produces an exhibition for you, you are in good hands!


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