Mirror 12 Vanity Series © Murray Fredericks

Petrina Hicks, Winner of the 2014 Bowness Prize

Venus © Petrina Hicks

FLORILEGIUM Number 4 © Joseph McGlennon

Madonna © Gary Heery

The Keeper © Tamara Dean

Del Kathryn Barton- Roslyn Oxley9

of childhood dreams (a place to stand) © Del Kathryn Barton

Omsy Shook Man © Stephen Dupont

Eugenia Raskopoulos winner of the Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award

Vestiges # 3 © Eugenia Raskopoulos

Shopping for Butterfly © Joan Ross

The Opal Queen © Liam Benson

Persimmons & Silk © Cressida Campbell

Port Arthur © Rodney Pople

tony albert Sullivan + Strumpf

Brothers © Tony Albert

Julie Rrap Roslyn Oxley9

Castaway #3 © Julie Rrap


High Res Digital was established by Warren and Patricia Macris. Both have had lifelong passions for photography. Warren first learnt to print black and white and then colour in his mid teens. Finishing school in Sydney in 1976 he spent 1977,78 and 79 studying commercial photography in England. Upon returning to Sydney he began teaching Photography around Australia for the Australian Photographic Information Service. Apart from running courses in basic and advanced photography, black and white and colour printing he also designed and ran teacher training programs for High School photography teachers in both NSW and South Australia.

Since the early 1980’s Warren and Patricia began building what would become High Res Digital. Starting with a studio and darkroom in Crown Street, Darlinghurst. The business slowly progressed, for a time operating out of Patricia’s parents garage, and then from a studio her father helped build brick by brick, it ended up in 2001 at its present location in Gardeners Road on the border of Mascot and Alexandria in Sydney.

In 1996 they began shooting digitally with a Phase One digital back on a 4×5 camera and in 1997 became the first photographers in Australia to buy a Roland HiFi Jet printer – considered to be the first large format, photo quality, archival inkjet printer produced. A strong desire to understand and master the digital workflow has lead Warren to constantly work at finessing the whole digital process, from optimising the capture stage to perfecting the print. He is now recognised by many as a leader in these fields and High Res Digital now offer services ranging from photography, to high end retouching for other photographers and most noticeably their renowned printing services.

Warren feels that we have now entered a golden age for photography and printing. The quality that can be crafted from today’s cameras, matched with the finessing ability of Photoshop and the beautiful printing options available allow for unprecedented quality and creativity. Many see High Res Digital as a creative haven – an environment where artists and photographers can explore and achieve their visions in a relaxed, collaborative manner.

Welcome to High Res Digital!


Clients and Institutions We Work With

High Res Digital and the Environment

Pigment Prints

The very good news is that our premium prints – Pigment prints on acid free cotton rag art paper are not just beautiful and the most archival of all but they are extremely environmentally friendly. No cotton is specifically grown for the making of cotton rag art papers. Cotton papers are typically made from either recycled cotton rag or the “second cut” of the cotton – the primary first cut is what the textile industry requires and the prime purpose that the cotton is grown.

Cotton Rag Art papers get a 5 out of 5 for their “green” credentials.

No water is used in the printing process and at High Res Digital we recycle our ink cartridges, packaging and all test prints and off-cuts. We also use biodegradable bubble wrap when packing prints.